Local Man Constantly Saying “Edification” Instead of “Education”

Breaking News out of Los Angeles today as Lamar Wallace has once again chosen to use the word “edification” instead of “education”.

Many, including his friends and loved ones, have publicly questioned Lamar’s choice to voluntarily use a complex word that he knows fewer people will understand in lieu of a simpler synonym.

“He knows I don’t know what edification means, but he uses it anyway! It’s like he gets off on it.”

The other day we were eating burritos and he described his as “insipid and Nouveau-riche”, and I swear to god he had an erection the entire time”.

When confronted about his decision, Lamar claimed that he would try to “ameliorate” his behavior, confirming, once and for all, that he is indeed a complete douchebag.

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