Local Wealthy White Woman Can’t Decide Where to Put Photograph of African Women Carrying Water

carrying-water.jpgLocal wealthy white woman says she “absolutely adores” her 4’x8′ photograph of colorfully dressed women carrying water, but still can’t decide which living room to hang it in.

“At first I LOVED it in the foyer, but then I realized I lost it as a conversation piece during my cocktail parties. It’s just so important for me to share what it means to be an African woman with other people.”


“I remember when I took this photo, we were on safari in Tanzania…wait no it was Kenya…or was it…I don’t know, they all blend together. You know how safaris are. But it was such an incredible experience”

The photograph was moved into her downstairs living room, where she ran into a secondary problem.

“Well I was absolutely mortified because I had hung my women right next to my photograph of classroom full of young Pakistani girls!”


“And well I couldn’t keep both of them, would be quite gauche. So I had to choose, and while I cherish my little girls, I mean absolutely CHERISH,  my women were just so COLORFUL!”

“So I ended up moving my young Pakistani girls down into the lower living room, which the boys use as their play room, right next to the old ping-pong table.”


“Some people need gratitude or recognition for helping, but not me. I’m just glad to be able to impact these people’s lives in a positive way. I mean, yes people have called me things like “brave” and “savior” but, well your words not mine.”

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