9 DIY Projects that Still Won’t Bring Karen Back, You Cheating Piece of Shit

You can life-hack anything except a broken heart!

1.Extra-festive picture frame!

Wrap Christmas lights around a picture for a fun added touch. This is a great way to light up a room, draw focus to a certain picture, or anything else – besides bringing Karen back, that is. She’s gone for good, man.  

2. Use sponges and paint to make your own wrapping paper!

You can easily make any design you want with basic paint supplies from any craft store. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine. Just don’t get too ahead of yourself, Steven. Nothing you do at this point will get Karen to love you again.

3. Decorate with broken CDs!

What a great use for all of the old mix CDs she gave back to you because “no one uses CDs anymore, Steven, you cheating asshole.”

4. Repurpose old t-shirts into curtains!

Having trouble getting up in the morning? Your own reflection in the mirror making you nauseous? Just stay in bed all day and block out any sunlight with these adorable DIY curtains. What’s the point of getting up anyway? Karen’s not coming over. Let’s face it – you blew it. Big time. She was the best thing to ever happen to you, Steve.

5.Make your own lapdesk out of a pillow and a board!

In just a few minutes and with a handful of supplies, you can build your own mobile workspace. When’s the last time Karen saw you working? Really working, not just typing your sad thoughts into an Excel spreadsheet and saving it as ‘business.xlsx.’ She’s not going to fall for that a third time.   

6. Make cute bookends out of cardboard and spraypaint!

Tired of plain shelves? Spruce up your library in minutes by creating these adorable custom bookends. They’d also be perfect for CDs and DVDs, but don’t expect any applause for creating them – you’re still a cheating fuckstick.

7. Desk organizer!

Paint and stack empty cans to make a cute pyramid-like desk organizer. You could use any cans you have lying around the house. Or boxes! You’ve been eating a lot of Hungry Man dinners lately. How’s your sodium intake? You can’t DIY new arteries, Steven.

8. Turn an old bowl into a jewelry dish!

Put an old bowl by your sink and use it to hold jewelry when washing dishes! Karen would say this is still just a regular old bowl and that you haven’t changed anything, but you’ll show her. You’ll show her you can change. Too bad she’ll never take notice. She’s moved on, and for good reason. Did you honestly believe that she’d forgive you?

9. A simple noose!

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