Dumb News Alert: Democrats Continue to push Liberal “2+2=4” Agenda down Country’s Throat

Tensions continue to rise on Capitol Hill as Democrats pour money into their progressive “2+2=4” campaign. Republicans have cried foul, claiming that the Federal government shouldn’t have a say in the every day mathematic choices of American citizens.

Democrats need to stop making everything into a partisan issue. It’s not about what plus what = what. It’s about every day god-fearing citizens being told what to believe!

-House Speaker John Boehner

I mean, first global warming…now this? What’s next? The sun doesn’t revolve around the earth? Heard of a sunset? Checkmate ladies and gentlemen.

-Senator Jim Inhoffe (R)

The Republican-controlled House quickly passed a bill in response, creating an exploratory committee to investigate the science behind the equation.

Dumbuzzfeed contacted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for comment, but couldn’t hear her response over the sound of her sadly banging her head against her desk.

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