17 Thrilling Movie-Insipired Rides you HAVE to Try

Universal Studios had such huge success with their new Fast & Furious Supercharged ride that they decided to expand on their brilliant idea and create more thrilling rides based on famous movies that you have to try ASAP

Fast & Furious Supercharged

Join Dom, Letty, and the rest of the gang as you race through the streets of Los Angeles in a head to head chase for your lives!

Les Miserables

Join the ultimate badass Jean Valjean and race through the streets of Paris in a head to head battle of revolutionary proportions! With new 5D technology, you’ll actually feel like you’re starving to death. Plus we took out the music cause music is for P***ies!!



Join the ultimate badasses June Squibb and Will Forte as you race through the streets of….yeah, you guessed it…Nebraska in the ultimate lottery head to head challenge. Hold on to your tickets! Hahaha

This image released by Paramount Pictures shows Bruce Dern as Woody Grant, left, and Will Forte as David Grant in a scene from the film


Join ultimate badass Ray Charles for a race through the musical streets with some twists that you’ll never SEE coming! Get it? Cause he’s f**king blind!!!!!



Buckle up because there’s nothing more badass than underage pregnancy. Get ready to navigate the physical and emotional conflicts of growing up with a f**king child inside of you! Buckle up! Seriously though…buckle up. You’re driving for two now.


Schindler’s List

You think you know rollercoasters? Well…you aint seen nothing yet. Or should we say…you will “Nazi” this coming?? Right?! Get ready for an epic race through the streets of Dachau. The only Sophie’s choice here is: how many times are you gonna ride?


Universal Studios would like to apologize deeply for the creation of the previous ride. It has since been shut down.

The King’s Speech

Sorry…couldn’t hear that? I can’t quite understand you. Must be because you just rode the epic King’s Speech ride that’s 100% guaranteed to give you a stutter for life. Oh h-h-h-h-h-h-hell yeah!


The Ending to The Notebook

Is there anything for f**king epic than dying in each other’s arms? I don’t F**king think so. Get ready to race through the streets of early onset Alzheimers for a ride that you’re sure to forget!



Love rides but pissed cause they are so damn short? Well then buckle up for an 11-year-long ride (actual time) through the mean streets of Ellar Coltrane.


The Jinx

What do you say when someone asks if you’ve ridden Universal’s new “Jinx” ride? “I killed them all of course”. Come race through the mean streets of murder and dismemberment with the ultimate badass Robert Durst on a ride that’s sure to leave you burping.


Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men? More like “Of Mice and holy sh*t this f**king ride rules!” Get pumped to race through the mean streets of unemployment and the depression on a ride that’ll make you want to euthanize your best friend with a gun off stage!


To Kill A Mockingbird

Join the ultimate badass Atticus Finch and race through the streets of Maycomb County as you combat racial injustice! Try to keep your lunch down when you realize that institutional racism is still incredibly prevalent in our modern society!


Winter’s Bone

Are we the only ones who didn’t see this movie? We pretty much just took the Despicable Me Minions ride and painted everything grey. Enjoy! Or don’t! Who gives a sh*t? Jennifer Lawrence is hot now!


Birth of a Nation

And finally, buckle up everyone because, if you didn’t know, this country was built on Slavery! This ride puts the K in “Totally FriKKKin KKKool”. Take a thrilling ride through a piece of racist propaganda that people for some reason still consider a great movie! And yeah…That’s a f**king Woodrow Wilson quote.


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