Dumb News Alert: Hillary Clinton won’t stop Playing Gender Card

Hillary Clinton playing Gender Card

Hillary Clinton playing Gender Card

Hillary Clinton, often accused of playing the gender card in her presidential campaign, made headlines today when she chose to use the Women’s restroom at a campaign stop  in Polk County, Iowa.

According to an eyewitness at the scene, Clinton’s bus made a stop at a Chevron gas station and Mrs. Clinton, “without a second’s hesitation”, strode into the women’s bathroom. A second eyewitness went on record and said that “she made a big deal out of opening the door with the word “WOMEN” written right on it. In front of everyone. I just couldn’t believe it”.

As one of two women (so far) in the 2016 presidential race, it was expected that Clinton would seek to capitalize on the female vote; however, no one expected that the gender card would appear so soon and so shamelessly. Dumbuzzfeed looked into the matter, and shockingly this is not the first time that Clinton has so cavalierly played the gender card. According to our data, Clinton plays the gender card at least three times a day, if not more.

Hillary Clinton immediately after playing the Gender Card

Hillary Clinton immediately after playing the Gender Card

Carly Fiorina, the only woman (so far) in a large Republican presidential field, has made herself known by attacking Hillary Clinton, mostly by accusing her of playing the gender card. Not one to miss a political opportunity, Fiorina held a press conference outside of a New York hotel, where it was rumored Hillary Clinton was playing the gender card inside.

“I think what is happening is unfortunate but predictable,” Fiorina told the cameras, “but as a candidate and a woman, let me tell you, I’m not afraid to follow her in there. In fact, I’ll follow her in there and play the gender card all over this country”.

Dumbuzzfeed (DB) spoke with a high level staffer at the Clinton campaign (HC) on the issue:

DB: What do you have to say to the allegations that Hillary is using the gender card early and often?

HC: Well frankly, I don’t think that advocating for equal pay and universal access to reproductive services should be considered the gender card. If anything, it’s playing the equality card.

DB: But what about how Clinton used the women’s toilet yesterday?

HC: What?

DB: Hillary Clinton was seen going into a public Women’s Bathroom yesterday


End of Phone call

As the Presidential campaign heats up, it is expected that Clinton will continue to play the Gender Card with an even higher frequency. We received a report that she plans to visit a Gynecologist within the upcoming Campaign Cycle.

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