Meet the courageous woman who gave up her $150,000 salary to go be a privileged white woman somewhere tropical

Four years ago, Amber Collins was a successful consultant at Bain & Company who had just been promoted. But something wasn’t quite right. So she took advantage of the fact that she was young, attractive, had a large amount of disposable income, no dependent children, a family that can financially support itself, and a functional passport and booked a flight to the Caribbean and never looked back!


Now Collins is sharing what she learned four years after leaving behind that totally lame city-life for the simple life as a bartender in paradise.

“It’s amazing how quickly you adjust. I mean, one second i’m toiling away at my high-paying job and the next i’m here in paradise with no worries”, Collins told Dumbuzzfeed. “I just wish I could run into a Mcdonalds back home, grab the cashier making minimum wage by the shoulders, and tell them to go do handstands in the Caribbean.”


Collins said she thinks the root of the problem is a lack of imagination.

“Everyone in this country doesn’t take the time to stop and ask what they really want to do in this life. I mean from the day we’re born, we’re put in a extravagant, private pre-school, and then shuffled off to a private elementary and middle school, and then there’s private high school, and then an Ivy League college, and then a 100k salary. Like, when do we get to decide what WE want to do?”


“I just felt stressed and uninspired. I had all this money to spend and all this upward mobility and all these choices, but i was so disconnected.”

“I realized I need a vacation. I wasn’t living in the moment. I see all these people working three jobs just to make rent and feed their kids and I think…where are your priorities? When is the last time you just let yourself be free? Danced on the beach in the rain? Drank Tequila out of a coconut? Bought a dress not because you needed it but because you wanted it? Done cartwheels?enhanced-16167-1430491395-1

“I mean I knew people were gonna think I was crazy. But those are the same people who have the same boring dinner every night. Let them eat cake once in a while and maybe then they’ll understand”


Collins shocked her parents when she got her first job at an ice cream parlor. “But, but…you went to Yale,” they replied when she told them.

“I told them, “I know i’m more talented and smarter and more beautiful than people who usually work in ice cream parlors.””


We asked Amber what she would say to people back home.

“People are so fearful. How will i feed my kids? How am i going to pay my electricity bill? How am i going to afford this heart procedure. And you know what I say? Move to the Caribbean. Stop doing what you think you’re SUPPOSED to do. Just leap and the net will appear.”

*Please note that over 80% of content is directly from a real Buzzfeed article.

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