Dumb News Alert: Fraternities everywhere “Super Surprised” and “Caught off Guard” by Racism at SAE Chapter

A racist video surfaced earlier this month showing members of the Oklahoma University chapter of SAE on a bus chanting, “There will never be a n—-r in SAE.” The chapter was quickly shut down and the perpetrators expelled from the University.

Dumbuzzfeed contacted fraternities across the country, who have responded with shock and alarm at this behavior.

Not wasting any beer ever. TFM.

“I just don’t understand how that could have happened. How could anyone even be capable of that? I’ve never encountered that type of aggression or festering racism before…”

-Carl Matheson, ΧΓΕ

Asserting dominance in Germany. TFM.

“I’m just glad it was a completely isolated incident. Just a couple of bad eggs I guess?”

-Damon Scott, ΤΚΕ

Always staying hydrated. TFM.

“It’s so crazy to think about because when you hear Fraternities, you usually think of diversity and inclusion. I feel like i’m stuck in some crazy Freaky Friday world where everything is switched around.”

-Nick Hunt, ΖΨ

Father-son bonding during parents weekend. TFM.

“What was that word? The one that started with a n? I’ve never heard it and it sounded so hurtful.”

-Liam Connors, ΔΘΣ

Having her get on her knees for pulls. TFM.

“Our pledging process? We mostly just exchange compliments and have a long conversation about inclusion and how to be an ally in the Black Lives Matter movement.”

–Whit Brody, ΚΣ

Taking shots with Gronk. TFM.

“We were in the middle of playing a pretty rowdy game of Cranium when I heard the news, and my first thought was “Oh wowzer did those fellas make a goof.”

-Tom Bolton, ΣΧ

Not caring about the races at Carolina Cup. TFM.

“When did I hear the news? I think it was during our book club. We were reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I mean I’ve heard of things like this happening, but never in a Fraternity, of all places.”

-Caleb Tate, ΘΔΧ

*All photos courtesy of TotalFratMove.com*

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