5 April Fools Pranks Perfect for Friends with Life-Threatening Allergies

It’s April 1st and you know what that means: it’s prank time. For Dumbuzzfeed’s first April Fool’s day we teamed up with GoPro to bring you our favorite fatal-allergy themed pranks!


And remember: HIDE THAT EPIPEN


The Peanut Butter Bucket


This is our number one prank for a reason: instant gratification. Not only are peanuts the most common cause of food-induced anaphylaxis, the reaction occurs within minutes. The cost of ingredients for this might vary depending on if you spring for organic peanut butter (we recommend it as the reaction will be THAT much more severe.) Also please note that this hilarious prank can be substituted with Almond butter for a friend with a more high-end allergy.

  • Buy a 3 gallon bucket
  • Buy 2 gallons of peanut butter
  • Empty peanut butter into bucket and mix in 1 gallon of filtered water (allows for rapid deposit and will enter bloodstream much faster)
  • Open friend’s door 6-7 inches
  • Place Peanut Butter Bucket on top of door, balanced against the frame. You can use tape to secure it if you are worried about early spillage (don’t worry the tape won’t keep your friend from opening)
  • When they enter, they’ll be doused in Peanut Butter. 100% chance of it getting in their mouth.
  • Grab a GoPro, hide it in their room, and try to be patient!
  • A hilarious follow up prank is to fill their EpiPen with Peanut Butter (Just when they think they’re safe)

No small peanuts 😉 You’d have to be a nut not to try this one 😉

Bumblebee Toilet


A hilarious twist on a classic prank, this was our biggest logistical challenge. Helps to be/know a Apiarist.

  • Purchase/acquire 1-100 Bumblebees (Of the Genus Bombus and family Apidae)
  • Pour bees into toilet (be careful. This is our only prank that can backfire in a big way)
  • Quickly and carefully cover the seat with Clear Plastic Wrap.
  • Make sure you install your GoPro Hero3 (Has great new Timelapse Feature)
  • When they come in to pee, they’re urine will hit the clear wrap and go everywhere!
  • Then, in frustration, they’ll tear off the wrap, only to release 1-100 angry bees (Of the Genus Bombus and family Apidae)

Let’s just say that this prank is gonna sting. 😉

The Pollen Blowdryer


Pollen unfortunately usually isn’t a fatal allergy, but we weren’t about to let that slow us down.

  • You’ll need to distill about 4 pounds of everyday pollen into a highly concentrated powder.
  • Once that is done, empty the powder your friend’s blowdryer.
  • Then put it back where it was (they’ll be on their guard with it being AFD and all.)
  • We recommend installing a gopro somewhere in the shower to catch their last gasps.
  • Now just wait for your seed to grow 😉

This prank won’t disappoint. I mean talk about hair standing up on end!

The Penicillin Prank Call


This prank requires a lot of patience and may not pay immediate dividends but is SO SO SO worth it. Trust us

  • Next time your friend has to go in for a procedure/surgery, offer to go with them.
  • The doctor will probably ask them if they have any allergies, i.e. to Penicillin.
  • They won’t know whether or not they are allergic to it because no one ever knows that (except you!)
  • Offer to call their mom/dad to ask. They’ll agree because they probably don’t want to talk to mom/dad and also they’re likely drugged up by this point.
  • Go outside. But don’t call mom/dad! Pretend to talk on the phone for a couple minutes.
  • Come back in and tell doctor that your friend ISN’T allergic to Penicillin (even though they are)
  • This one is hard to GoPro, but we recommend just having one on you at any time, because, believe us, the Anaphylaxis is coming!

The Shellfish Snorer


Tired of your snoring roommate? Well, follow us “undah tha sea” for this Dumbuzzfeed favorite.

  • Purchase/acquire 1 cup of either crab, lobster, or shrimp.
  • Purchase/acquire long soft feather
  • Place shellfish in blender and puree until you get a nice airy foam
  • Attach feather to a yardstick
  • Wait for your friend to fall asleep
  • Sneak into their room and spoon this shellfish foam onto their outstretched hand
  • Stand at a distance (because believe me, they’ll be “crabby” if they survive) and tickle their nose with the feather
  • Eventually, in their sleep, they’ll scratch their nose with their hand, thus smashing the shellfish foam into their open mouth
  • GoPro is a must and we recommend attaching it to your head for an awesome POV

There’s no “Shell”ter from this prank 😉

Comment with you favorite allergy related pranks and stories!

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