Dumb News Alert: 76% of Americans can find the country “Africa” on a map


A new Gallup poll released today found that 76% of All Americans are able to locate the country of Africa on a world map. This is encouraging, since in a 2006 Roper poll on Geography, the average respondent answered 54 percent of the questions correctly.

Dumbuzzfeed got the chance to interview several of the participants, who were fairly elated at their success:

“At first I was like, there are so many countries, how could I find it. But then I remembered that Africa is like, the second biggest country and after that it was easy.”

-John R.

“Geography is so important. Especially with all the revolutions and such. Africa is a country that needs our help.”

-Bridget M.

“Have you heard my new album?”

-Bono (U2)

A collection of professors have argued that this is actually a sign of decreased geographical knowledge and that Africa is not actually a country but instead a continent made up of 54 individual countries. When asked to provide evidence of their claim, they just sort of stared into nothing  and muttered “all is lost”.

Below are other notable results from the study:

  • 82% of Americans can locate Mexico


  • 79% of Americans knew that 98% of all Muslims live in India
  • 72% of Americans identified Iraq as where all the terrorists are
  • 80% of Americans had heard of South Korea

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