10 fabulous Etsy gifts for the Republican in your life

1. Stunning 1970’s Wicker on Walnut Book Rack Custom made to fit three books: Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, The Bible, and Goodnight Gorilla.


2.Vintage 14k Gold Tiny Scissors Shears Charm Pendant Necklace on Thin 14k Gold Chain custom designed to cut up copies of Obamacare


3. 8 GB Ronald Reagan USB Flash Drive with Key Chain (can’t store files that raise taxes)


4.100% Natural Beard Oil. Beard Tonic. Beard Conditioner. Made from 100% pure Republican policies (Not meant for women.)


5.Snow Globe Necklace. Doubles as portable proof Climate Change is hoax

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.44.50 PM

6.Farm wood fence play set. Great gift for little Republicans-in-training to teach them about immigration policies. All locally-sourced American wood.


(Comes with 1 free Newborn 2nd Amendment Reusable Diaper)il_570xN.713701566_i1um

7.Framed Chalk Board Office Organizer White Wedding Decor: Get organized and brainstorm more ways to restrict access to safe abortions.


8. Handmade World Map Infinity Scarf for identifying good places to commit unwanted troops while on-the-go


9.Rustic Wedding Cake Topper, Paintable Stainable Wood. Custom Design with YOUR last name. (Not Mr./Mr. or Mrs./Mrs. compatible)


10. Parachutes screen printed with water-based golden ink Tote Bag. Perfect for       1-percenter who almost crashed the global economy through greed and negligence.


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