Dumb News Alert: Gumdrop Mountain gaining momentum in quest for statehood, despite opposition from Candy Cane Forest

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.07.55 AM

When Gumdropians sought statehood at the United Candylands in 2011, it was widely dismissed as a symbolic gambit to skirt negotiations with Candy Cane forest and King Candy’s influence over the long running conflict. Many blame the conflict for contributing to the instability in the region, although the civil war in Lord Licorice’s domain cannot be ignored as a catalyst for the increasing friction. Lord Licorice’s claim to power is slipping rapidly as rebels have gained a foothold on the Rainbow trail.

Associate Professor of Confections, Dr. Gramma Nutt argues that Mr. Mint, the Prime Minister of the Peppermint forest, should actually support Gumdrop statehood, despite the land dispute. “Extremist groups, which thrive in regions of instability, pose a far greater threat than Gumdrop sovereignty.”

King Candy has attempted to take charge of negotiations, although his interest in the vast amounts of oil in neighboring Molasses Swamp has called his “impartial” nature into question.

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