14 Reasons why life is hard for wealthy white heterosexual Ivy League fraternity brothers


  1. People don’t understand burden of having privilege

  2. Hilarious video on brobible.com still buffering

  3. Authoritarian administration stopping hazing in order to lower student mortality rate

  4. Amazon sold out of Vineyard Vines shorts

  5. Amazon sold out of Entourage posters

  6. Amazon sold out of confederate flags

  7. Professors are “hella gay” about turning in work on time

  8. University gym doesn’t have enough 60 lb. dumbbells

  9. Drunk girl stepped on new sperry boat shoes

  10. Brooks Brothers closes at 6pm

  11. Sometimes girls bring condoms

  12. High and tight haircut made me look too much like Macklemore

  13. Minorities always up in arms about offensive halloween costume that trivialize their culture and history

  14. Have to write cover letter for Finance Internship at Dad’s company

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